Tomorrow's Children was started in 1973 as a six bed residential treatment center working with children ages 5 to 12. From its inception the specific needs of each child and their family has been the focus of our program. Throughout the years our core values have remained the same, we will continue to strive to provide a positive, safe, caring learning environment in a home like atmosphere.

Through the years Tomorrow's Children has expanded slowly, one house at a time, with a main goal of not getting too big too fast while always maintaining an excellent program. The age range increased to 18, and the functioning level and diagnoses of the children changed based on the needs of the community. Tomorrow's Children's treatment program became more refined and sophisticated.

In addition, Tomorrow's Children has focused on being good neighbors in the community, working closely with the school systems, and having a history of dedicated quality staff members. Many of our staff have stayed, or left for a period of time to come back and provide the basic values of our program. Others have moved on to very successful careers throughout Wisconsin and the country in the areas of teaching, psychology, and social work.

Tomorrow's Children has been a caring program with a tradition of excellence. We will continue to pursue our goal of being the best out of home alternative.