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  • Intensive individualized highly structured behavioral programming

  • Medication management

  • Psychological and Psychiatric consultation

  • Individual, group and family therapy on grounds, in home and in the community

  • Parent training and program development on grounds, in home, and in the community

  • Daily exercise and physical activities program

  • Transitional living skills including: independent living skills, social skills and career exploration

  • On grounds education with highly trained special education staff

  • Human growth and development/sexuality training

  • Community experience outings


Family Training/Therapy

Our parent/caregiver training program has been designed to support the parent or caregiver as their child transitions from our program into a home environment. These services include developing a treatment program in the home of the child or adolescent with or without admission into our residential program. It may require the parents to attend education classes in their home or at our facility. The counseling/training services are assessed individually based on the family's needs and implemented accordingly.

We also, invite family to Tomorrow's Children to observe and participate in our daily routine. During this time the child or adolescent's specific behavior training programs, reinforcement, and discipline are explained to them. We encourage the families to practice some of the skills and discipline techniques they have learned. This enables our staff to assist when necessary and also support the families with their efforts during this learning process. In order to allow maximum benefit from our training and therapy, Tomorrow's Children will be as flexible as possible with scheduling times and dates of experiences. We will also adjust our approaches and certain training situations to meet each family's needs. Formal presentation of daily experience in our program and training process will be outlined at scheduled progress reviews.

A part of in-home training is also to observe and identify family dynamics. Another goal is to incorporate current behavior programs into the child's or adolescent's home. We believe that the family is extremely important to a child's or adolescents well being and success at Tomorrow's Children. Our focus is to teach the family or caretakers the necessary skills needed for the child or adolescent to function appropriately in the home and community.  This is done in two ways. First, we have developed an Individualized Parent Training Materials, which gives the parents an overview of our treatment mode. Secondly, scheduled times are set aside where the caretakers can work with their child at our facility or their home to practice skills they have learned. Also, family counseling sessions are integrated to make decisions about goals, outcomes, and appropriate problem solving. We also educate the family on additional community services that may be available to them.


Aftercare Programming

  • Individual Therapy

  • Family Training/Therapy: Includes working with caregivers in addition to the county wraparound services

  • Educational Consultation


Additional Services Available

  • Follow-Up

  • Foster Family Training

  • School Personnel Training

  • Counseling

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